Model for Me

Who am I?

An avid photographer since my high school days, I've been a professional photographer / videographer for over 30 years. I'm the primary content provider for for 12 years (since 2009). I always treat my models with courtesy and respect.

What styles do you shoot?

Genre Description
Non-Nude A.k.a. implied-nude / covered-nude – Nude or semi-nude posing but areola/labia covered, obscured, or blurred. Bare buttocks may be exposed. Common wardrobe includes skimpy bikinis, lingerie, sheer fabric, etc. Non-Nude Samples
Glamour Nude A.k.a. Playboy style – Full body nudity but no explicit closeups. Glamour Nude Samples
Erotic Nude Full nudity including open-leg / explicit close-ups. Erotic Nude Samples

What do your shoots consist of?

Each set will include:

Where will my content be used?

Most of my work is dedicated to these pay sites:

Just a Guideline
4'10" (147 cm) 80 lbs - 90 lbs
4'11" (150 cm) 85 lbs - 95 lbs
5'0" (152 cm) 90 lbs - 100 lbs
5'1" (155 cm) 95 lbs - 105 lbs
5'2" (157 cm) 100 lbs - 110 lbs
5'3" (160 cm) 105 lbs - 115 lbs
5'4" (163 cm) 110 lbs - 120 lbs
5'5" (165 cm) 115 lbs - 125 lbs
5'6" (168 cm) 120 lbs - 130 lbs
5'7" (170 cm) 125 lbs - 135 lbs
5'8" (173 cm) 130 lbs - 140 lbs
5'9" (175 cm) 135 lbs - 145 lbs
5'10" (178 cm) 140 lbs - 150 lbs

What are your model requirements?

  1. You're an attractive female, age 18 to 35.
  2. You have natural breasts. Sorry, no implants, please!
  3. You're healthy, slender, with clear skin. (Tattoos, body art, radical hair color are fine.)
  4. Your underarms, legs are fully shaved and pubic area is fully shaved or closely cropped.
  5. You must look like your photos! If you don't, please tell me what's changed before booking!

Is this paid work?

Yes. You'll be paid by company check, New Era Mediaworks, immediately following your session.

May I see samples of your work?

View Samples of my work.

May I bring an escort to a shoot?

Yes. You may bring anyone you wish.

Where are your studios?

Los Altos Hills, California

My primary studio is a 1500 square foot studio attached to a private home in Los Altos Hills, California. Much of my work is done outdoors, weather permitting, in a completely private setting.

Transportation Station Distance to My Studio More Information
Train - CalTrain Mountain View 15 minutes Schedule ("Baby Bullet" runs are fastest)
Rail - BART Millbrae 30 minutes Schedule
Air San Jose 20 minutes SJC Airport Info
Air San Francisco 40 Minutes SFO Airport Info

Pompano Beach, Florida

I schedule shoots at my second home in Pompano Beach, Florida 2-3 times per year. It's a rather small location, so, for models available on both coasts, I prefer to schedule at my California location.

May I get references?

Yes. Write me and I'll give you local models you may contact. (Most of my models are from the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.)

I have a question!

Please ask!


View Samples of my work.